In order to enrol your Child, please complete the nursery enrolment form (available on our website or in our facility), next we sign an agreement.


To enrol your child you need to pay a non-returnable registration fee at the amount of PLN 350 no later than 3 days of the day of signing the agreement. Each next school year: PLN 250.


Next, tuition fees along with the meal fee must be paid by the 5th day of each month in advance; if you inform us about absences, we will deduct this amount next month.




Registration fee:

A one-time registration fee includes the recruitment process, an art kit for your child's entire stay, bedclothes (which we wash with special baby care agents), a bib, a potty and insurance.


Tuition fee:

Paid in advance by the 5th day of each month


PLN 550 – all day (according to the act no longer than 10h daily).

Your child can use Pampers nappies, which we buy, for an extra fee at the amount of PLN 90 per month.


PLN 500 – up to 8h daily (till 3pm)


PLN 450 – up to 5h daily (till 12)


Optionally (by prior arrangement), we can provide care during the night and at the weekend.


We also provide hourly packages at the amount PLN 15 per hour.


The fee for full board (3 meals) is PLN 13 or PLN 10 for a dinner only. Reported absences on a specific day will be deducted from the fee in the next settlement period.


Discounts for siblings!!!

determined individually when another child is enrolled



Discounts for siblings!!!

determined individually when another Child is enrolled



Bank transfer details:

First Step

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30-622 Kraków


mBank 79 1140 2004 0000 3402 7647 3480


 Transfer name: your Child's first and last name and a relevant month


FIRST STEP  English Kindergarten and Nursery

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