We provide healthy meals from a kitchen with delivery, some snacks are prepared on site. During the entire stay we encourage the children to drink water.


We don’t serve black tea due to the harmful effects of theine on young children.


We limit drinking from bottles and non-drip cups to avoid future speech problems.


We provide a two-course meal and two additional meals during the day:

8.45 – breakfast

12.10 – lunch

14.45 – afternoon snack


Our menu depends on the season.


The current menu for a specific week is put up on the noticeboard in the nursery school.


If a child has a food allergy, the kindergarten can provide an elimination diet, which removes the products that cause allergies from the menu.


FIRST STEP  English Kindergarten and Nursery

4c Beskidzka st.

30-622 Kraków


Phone +48 732 700 031