Children have the extraordinary skill of learning through play; as a result, they explore and learn about the world. In the First Step we use this teaching method, i.e. teaching through play. This method is also great for teaching languages. Everyday games and activities allow the children to learn a new language from their earliest years of life. At the same time our speech therapist makes sure their vocal organs develop correctly so a child who is to be bilingual doesn’t have any problems with the articulation of basic sounds.


During English lessons our staff doesn't speak Polish to teach English as naturally as possible. As a result, our pupils won't perceive the foreign language as something learnt, it will be taught easily like their mother tongue.





  • looking after your child from 7.15 to 17.45;
  • classes conducted by qualified teachers;
  • support of a psychologist and a speech therapist;
  • we sing, dance, and do gymnastics together to develop gross motor skills as best as possible;
  • we teach songs, short poems, nursery rhymes;
  • we provide art classes: we draw, paint, and mould using different materials to support the development of fine motor skills;
  • we try to read as much as we can, which stimulates children's imagination and improves vocabulary;
  • every day we use phrases in English;
  • our work is based on the latest core curriculum of the Ministry of National Education;
  • every day we use phrases in English, our English teacher speaks to the children only in English.
  • together with you, we try to prepare a joint daily schedule at home and in the kindergarten, which helps children to adjust to the First Step faster;
  • we try to spend as much time as possible with children in the garden, and we take longer walks with older children;
  • we support children's everyday emotional and physical development;

First, we do our best so that little children can feel comfortable in a new place and situations, and the time for learning through play will come next.


English lessons are held here during everyday classes, from a greeting song to the moment when the children are going home. Learning is easier in small groups, and through fun the aunts, who are always helpful and smiling, will teach your kids to speak a language which soon won’t be called "foreign".


Also children who speak only English or children whose only common language with the teacher is English are welcome to the First Step. During common classes and play, we follow the core curriculum, also adding English there.





FIRST STEP  English Kindergarten and Nursery

4c Beskidzka st.

30-622 Kraków


Phone +48 732 700 031