During your child’s entire stay English is used in everyday activities, games, play as well as when the knowledge from the core curriculum is passed on. Our general daily schedule is presented below. It can be changed a bit to adjust it better to a group's current needs on a specific day.


7.15-8.30 admitting children into the kindergarten, an individual greeting with an aunt, a short talk with their parents, free play according to the children's ideas


8.30-8.40 greeting with everybody by singing Polish and English songs, practising self-service activities preparing for breakfast


8.40-9.00 breakfast


9.00-12.10 classes from the core curriculum, activities led by a teacher: manual activities, learning songs, rhymes, eurhythmics classes, art classes, classes in thematic corners, a walk/play in the playground


12.10-12.45 lunch


12.45-14.30 nap/rest, calming down, reading fairy tales


14.40 -15.00 snack


15.00-17.45 – activities in thematic corners, playing with building blocks, puzzles, reading fairy tales, stories, drawing, torn paper collages, time for free play according to the children's ideas, if the weather is nice – activities in the garden, free play, individual contact with parents, taking children home


FIRST STEP  English Kindergarten and Nursery

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